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RPG Track Adventures


100% free without advertising, RPG Track Adventures helps tracking multi characters in an unlimited number of campaigns. Whether you are a master or a player, this application will allow you to track health, amount of items and spells regardless the type of games.- Multi campaigns : You can create a new campaign, change an existing campaign, or delete any one.
- Multi characters: you can create / modify / delete limitless each character or monster, by involving everyone in a campaign .
- Spells : each character can owns spells (encounter or daily) with a maximum amount of use per day to be specified (eg 3 daily slots at level 4, 3 encouter spells from the dragon breath... )
- items can be added / modified / deleted from character to manage the consumption they make ( number of arrows , vials ...). Items are managed like spells at will.
- Combat Management : Saves injuries, health , and use of spells and items. A short rest will help recharge all encounter spells, and deliver the temporary HP to zero. A long rest will reset HP to their maximum, and reset the use all the spells(both encoutner and daily).
- backup an restore abilities.
Be forgiving (100% free and no ads !) and feel free to let me know your experience and new ideas by contacting me by email.